Next Hydrogen is a client-focused turnkey solutions provider for hydrogen generation equipment. It has extensive experience in delivering energy solutions through system design, component integration and development, and engineering solutions to meet the needs of its partners. In both power generation and transportation applications, it has pioneered the development and deployment of hydrogen products since 2008.

Our offerings

TSSA-certified H2 technicians experienced with various supply options, applications:
  • Cell tower primary and backup power
  • Data management backup
  • Vehicle refueling
  • Forklift conversions
  • Hydrogen blending
Unmatched service department with prior work having included:
  • Product development for new technologies
  • Equipment and system testing
  • System operation
  • System integration and commissioning
  • Project management
Led all phases of North America’s first on-site system for electrolytic hydrogen generation and forklift refueling:
  • Enabled fleet conversion from batteries to hydrogen fuel cells
  • Provided product testing on all major fuel cell manufacturers, as well as full system maintenance
Next Hydrogen staff serve on the review board of Canadian Hydrogen Installation Code.
  • Provide subject matter expertise

Aftermarket services

Preventative maintenance
  • After-build maintenance service and support for our installs to keep your system operating reliably long-term.
  • System inspections in accordance with Canadian Hydrogen Installation Code
Technical Support
  • Hydrogen equipment installation & commissioning (regardless of H2 delivery)
  • Hydrogen system installation management (TSSA-H2 technical service)
  • H2 equipment repair (service provider for our major suppliers; storage, compressors, dispensers …)
  • Hydrogen system safety consulting

Our references