Over the last decade, leading companies in a wide variety of industries have been proving out the use of hydrogen in their operations using smaller 1-2MW projects. These pilot projects have proven out the potential of hydrogen as the fuel of the future. As a result, countries representing 70% of the world GDP have incentives in place to accelerate the use of hydrogen.

On-Site Hydrogen Gas Solutions to Power and Green Industrial Operations.

Industrial Hydrogen is used for many processes such as refining and fertilizer production. However, 95% of the hydrogen used for these processes comes from fossil fuels. Each kg of hydrogen produced from fossil fuels results in 12 kg of carbon emissions. Further, hydrogen is delivered to site in liquid form which results in complex supply chains (such as use of cryogenic storage tanks) and further increases carbon footprint.

Our on-site hydrogen production solutions from green energy can dramatically lower your carbon footprint, enhance reliability of supply and be justified on an economic basis.

On-Site Hydrogen Solutions for Clean Materials Handling and Heavy-Duty Transport

The adoption of fuel cell (which convert hydrogen into electricity) powered material handling equipment (such as forklifts) to replace diesel or lead-acid battery powered forklifts is already well underway. We are now seeing hydrogen powered heavy mobility applications growing in importance around the world.

We provide hydrogen generation solutions to power your captive fleet and reduce your carbon footprint.