Capital Efficient Renewable Hydrogen Production Solutions

Next Hydrogen water electrolysers’ new and innovative design offers unprecedented operational flexibility and enables generation of MW-scale hydrogen economically.

Our electrolysers were created specifically for variable operation to capture the entire output range of intermittent or fluctuating sources of electrical power, including renewables, using significantly smaller or fewer units than a traditional electrolyser solution.

The units are compact and come pre-assembled and ready to drop in at your site, so they’re up and running quickly and easily – with no need for you to invest in a build-out.


Model NH-100

Model NH-300

Model NH-500

Model NH-100

Model NH-300

Model NH-500

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen output

17 – 100 Nm3/h

50 – 300 Nm3/h

83 – 500 Nm3/h

Output pressure

10 barg

Standard purity

> 99%

Water content

Saturated gas

Purity with optional HPS


Atm. Dew point with optional HPS


Oxygen Production

Flow rate

50% of H2 flow

Ramp Rate

As % of max. capacity

5% /s

Electrical Power Supply


Low Voltage Supply

Medium Voltage Supply

Medium Voltage Supply


60 hz

Full System Specific Energy Consumption

At 50% output

Dried gas

5.1 kWh/Nm3

Saturated gas

4.8 kWh/Nm3

At 100% output

Dried gas

5.9 kWh/Nm3

Saturated gas

5.6 kWh/Nm3


Maximum temperature


Pressure range

3 – 7 barg

Feed water


City water or equivalent



30% wt KOH

Operating Conditions



Ambient temperature range

-10°C to 35°C (cold/hot weather packages available)