Next Hydrogen
Is Hiring Now

We are currently looking for next-level talent — individuals prepared to commit to a cause bigger than all of us.

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We’re constantly seeking like-minded designers, engineers, scientists, skilled tradespeople, and co-op students. Away from the nuts and bolts of hydrogen production, we also need corporate support team members for finance, human resources, communications, marketing, business development, and investor relations.

​​Next Hydrogen offers attractive pay and benefits packages, including stock options. We also offer a hybrid mix of remote and in-office work, based on position and business needs.

Our Value System


We believe in working with uncompromised energy to inspire colleagues and fuel progress.


A commitment to dependability is essential, no matter who we are dealing with.


We work as a team to solve problems and achieve success for our clients and shareholders.


Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures everyone feels welcome.


We endeavor to think outside the box, never resting on past accomplishments.


Going above and beyond means we exceed the expectations of our shareholders and the communities we serve.

Hear from our team

“Working at Next Hydrogen has been an amazing experience. I feel empowered in my own work, and believe that my personal and professional growth is encouraged. Teamwork and humility are core ideals here, making working at Next Hydrogen feel like a collaboration of dedicated minds from all over.

Gabriela Ruiz


“I am proud to work at Next Hydrogen because it gives me the ability to change the future carbon footprint. Our goal is to provide a cleaner and greener environment for future generations and businesses globally through the use of Hydrogen.”

Robert Barbarossa

Manager Manufacturing Production

“Next Hydrogen helped me learn, grow, and evolve into a larger role. Starting off as a coop and learning from an amazing team, I feel like my work has an impact and my ideas are acknowledged and taken to heart.”

Deepak Artly

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist