Why Invest?

Next Hydrogen’s mission is to drive cost reductions in generating clean hydrogen from renewably-sourced electricity and to enable wide-spread adoption of hydrogen solutions for decarbonization. Water electrolysis is the only means to produce green hydrogen and Next Hydrogen offers a purpose-built electrolyzer to integrate with renewable power generation.

Next Hydrogen was founded in 2007 by pioneers in water electrolysis with 60+ years of combined experience in designing hydrogen generation systems. Since its inception, Next Hydrogen has made significant advancements in electrolyzer design architecture that allows for higher current density, has a superior dynamic response, and is inherently scalable.

Looking ahead, Next Hydrogen is focused on commercialization of its product line and is targeting applications requiring on-site and large-scale hydrogen generation to decarbonize the industrial or transportation sectors and looking to form partnerships with leading industrial and renewable energy companies globally.

Large and growing addressable market underpinned by government policy and corporate aspirations

  • Hydrogen’s value proposition is underpinned by its ability to reduce emissions within sectors where decarbonization is otherwise challenging.
  • As hydrogen production and distribution systems scale by 2030, industry experts forecast hydrogen to be cost-competitive with other low-carbon alternatives across 22 applications, including but not limited to materials handling, heavy mobility, and industrial processes.
  • With that, H2 could supply 15% to 25% of global energy needs by 2050 with the addressable market worth a cumulative US $80 bln through to 2030.
  • The world’s wealthiest countries, representing ~70% of global GDP, have developed strategies and incentives to grow their hydrogen economies.
Decades-long expertise in water electrolysis
  • 12+ years of IP development with proven track record at Stuart Energy and Cummins.
  • 60+ years of combined experience in designing hydrogen generation systems.
Step function improvement in electrolyzer architecture
  • Utilizes an internal gas-liquid separation system to remove flow restrictions.
  • Allows current density 2.5x higher with inherently scalable design and superior dynamic response.
  • Translating into steep cost reductions in green hydrogen production.
Extensive IP portfolio and well defined development roadmap
  • 39 patents covering multiple alkaline and PEM products.
  • Commercializing underway for alkaline electrolyzers rated at 1, 2, and 3 MW .
  • Technology development roadmap includes 3, 6, and 9-MW alkaline electrolyzers and PEM product line in the next 3+ years.
Next Hydrogen is one of a handful of companies around the world
  • Fewer than 10 notable electrolyzer players globally.
  • Next Hydrogen is the only publicly listed pure play water electrolysis company in North America and one of four worldwide.
  • Societal awareness around climate change should continue to push public policy initiatives & investor mandates to reward ESG especially in cleantech companies.