At Next Hydrogen, we design, build, install, and service electrolyzers that can produce hydrogen out of clean electricity and water for use as an energy source without the greenhouse gas emissions. We do this to decarbonize various industries and contribute towards a cleaner, greener future for all. It’s a tall order and we know that, but it is far more achievable and cost-effective now than ever before.

This is why Next Hydrogen has embarked on a mission seeking out passionate, skilled, NEXT-level talent committed to a cause bigger than all of us. We need like-minded designers, engineers, scientists, skilled tradespeople, and co-op students, as well as corporate support team members for finance, human resources, communications, marketing, business development, and investor relations to join our team.

Next Hydrogen offers an attractive pay and benefits package, including stock options as well as a hybrid mix of remote and in-office work, based on position and business needs.

Think you have what it takes to be part of the Next Hydrogen family? Then check out our current job opportunities or send your resume to careers[at]

Time to do some #nextlevelgood. Together.

Our Vision and Mission


Green Hydrogen for a Clean Future.



Drive a step change reduction in green hydrogen generation costs and enable wide-spread adoption of hydrogen solutions to decarbonize the global economy.


At Next Hydrogen, we want to be a high performing, operationally excellent organization where all people feel significant and actively engaged in the business through empowerment, recognition, teamwork, effective communication, and a leadership culture driven by strong values.

Our Values

As we collectively strive towards our vision, we cannot do it without a set of living values that guide us in everything we do. We VALUE:


We work with an uncompromised, next-level energy that inspires our peers and fuels progress.


We are dependable corporate citizens to our people, our customers, and our shareholders, and are committed to creating a positive impact on our communities and the world we live in.


We work together harmoniously to build solutions and solve problems to achieve success for our clients and our shareholders.


We are champions of diversity and inclusion to ensure everyone feels welcome.


We always endeavor to think outside the box, never rest on our past accomplishments, and strive for greatness.


We always go above and beyond, exceeding the high expectations of our customers, our shareholders, and the communities we serve.