Hydrogen Service Project:

Rogers Communication Sites

Install and operate hydrogen fuel cell systems that deliver power to directly connected DC loads. The configuration includes an indoor fuel cell installation with outdoor high pressure hydrogen storage. The fuel cell system is a production system manufactured in Canada and Denmark using Ballard fuel cell stacks and Dantherm balance of plant, controls and packaging.

These fuel cells have previously been used in Ontario projects approved under the CHIC. There are several hundred of these systems in use across the globe with
no failures or safety incidents. Three fuel cells each of peak 35A (1700We) are connected to the Hydrogen storage system and with built-in control electronics operate completely independently of other equipment at the sites. Output is for a nominal 55A load at 48 VDC and delivered to the existing battery bus in parallel.

Fuel Supply: Hydrogen Storage Standard, commercial high pressure hydrogen cylinders and gas equipment will be used to contain the hydrogen fuel. The storage system includes a number of delivered cylinders stored in a secure cabinet. The cabinet includes pressure reduction and regulation where hydrogen leaves that cabinet at less than 10 barg. There are no sparking devices in the hydrogen storage cabinet. Cylinders will be exchanged by trained personnel. Hydrogen supply and system maintenance also supplied by CFS.

Site Location:

415 Front Street, Oshawa, ON

Variance SR#: 235348